On one fine Sabbath morn,

My eyes took in the morning calm

The shaking of the leaves

Fog and the mild wind

In the middle of the night,

I heard a cry

I wanted to find out why

Soon, I was taken to a deserted place

But there lie no trees and plants

But still I heard a sound

That bore into my heart.

Remembering my past

There is one whom I know the best

But still I hear a sound

Right behind I saw stumps of trees.

Yes, the sound of rivers that flow

For the happy moments that were

But I was totally confused

The sound which came.

Alas I was taken away to a place

Where it seemed like heaven

With lots of flowers and plants

Butterflies and bees

I don’t know what

But the sound stayed with me

No answer

For the sound which I heard

I just felt irritation

Opening my eyes slowly

Saw my mother’s face

With a cup of water

Oh my goodness

It was just a dream that I dreamt

But the places I saw I remember

Again a question!

What was the sound

May be Nature’s cry.

Reny K. Boby, IX, Nirmalamatha Convent School, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur