My name is Spek. I am a wee little sparrow. Many kids do not get see me. I am indeed a rare sight! And, why not?

My grandma used to tell me lots of stories of how there would be lots of grains in homes in the good old days.

People would had enough for themselves and for us too and there were many trees in which we could build our cozy little nests.

Now, the food that we get is poisoned by pesticides and insecticides. Drinking water is also scarce and polluted. Lakes and rivers have dried up.

We don’t have homes. Trees have been cut down .

With no food, water and shelter how can we live? The radio signals from mobile phone towers give us a headache.

I feel lonely sometimes as I have few friends. My father tells me that there were many sparrows.

I request all of you to make the earth more bird and animal friendly. All we need is few grains to eat and few drops of water to drink.

I assure you that with us around, the earth would be a better and livelier place.

The writer is in class VI, Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan, Bangalore

Keywords: young worldsparrows