Bipin felt his cousins were laughing at him, because he was not a winner. Could he prove himself?

Bipin held his elder sister, Tejal’s hand. He was nervous. It was talent day at school. The three of them, Bipin’s younger sister Sarisha, Tejal and he, had decided to sing.

Bipin knew that he wasn’t great at singing, but his uncle, aunt and cousins from the UK were visiting. Bipin was worried they’d laugh if he didn’t come out a winner.

“I wish I hadn’t entered this competition, Tejal,” he whispered. “You don’t have to win always, Bipin. Mother says at least you have to make a try. And that’s what you are doing,” said Tejal.

Bipin did not win. He tried to tell himself that it didn’t matter but he knew it did. When they got home, his cousin Neethu asked, “Where’s your prize, Bipin?” Bipin just sighed but he hurt deep down.

That weekend the family went for a picnic by the Kali riverside. Gautam suggested they have a race. Sarisha did not join in. Bipin came in last. He bit his lip to stop it from trembling.

“The tortoise and the hare?” Gautam teased.

“Remember all of you are older than Bipin,” his uncle said.

“What are you good at Bipin? Gautam asked. Bipin shrugged.


Bipin watched his sisters and cousins playing football. He walked to his dad’s car and took out his fishing rod and the small can of bait. He shuffled to the spot where he and his dad usually sat fishing.

Bipin dropped the line and waited. He sat there all hunched up. He could hear the sounds of laughter. He knew they were having a good time.

Soon he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Can I sit with you?” It was Sarisha.

“Sure, if you promise to be quiet and patient,” he said.

“Why do you want to sit with me? Don’t you want to play?”

“I don’t want you to be alone,” said Sarisha.

Bipin felt happy. Just then he felt a tug on his line. He pulled and there was a fish dangling from the hook.

Sarisha clapped in excitement. She was six and loved surprises. Bipin unhooked the fish as his dad had taught him and clapped him shut in a pail. Soon Bipin had caught five more plump fish.

Suddenly everyone seemed to miss Bipin and Sarisha. They ran to them.

“Hey, what’s up?” Gautam asked.

“Bipin caught six fish,” announced Sarisha. The cousins were astonished.

“Goodness we didn’t know our Bipin was an angler,” said Neethu.

“How did you do that?” asked Gautam.

Something was biting again. Sure enough it was another fish!

“Bipin, you’re a genius,” Gautam said,

“Everyone has his or her strengths and talents,” said Tejal.

Bipin could not bring himself to join his sisters and cousins in their game of football. so he took out his fishing rod and went and sat by the river. he cast his line and waited...

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