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Something special

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Deepika loved it when Trisha came home. She would riffle through her jewellery box and wear her high heels.

Trisha was sitting at the dressing table, putting something into her jewellery box. Deepika loved to look at Trisha’s jewellery. It was mostly of silver — delicate chains, pendants and hanging earrings. When Trisha was out, Deepika would sit in front of the mirror and would try on everything, sometimes making one earring hang from another so that they fell below her shoulders.

Right now, she was meant to be sleeping, but she was not. Trisha had gone out and Deepika had tried on all her shoes, tottering around on the high heels and imagining herself in 11 years’ time, when she was as old as Trisha. “I’ll dress like she does — and I’ll always wear silver!” she decided.

Deepika had planned to go through the jewellery box next, but she heard a car door bang and she jumped into bed and pulled the sheet up to her nose, pretending to sleep.


Whenever Trisha came home on holiday, there was an air of excitement in the house. Trisha’s friends visited and took her out for treats and Trisha bought her things. It was nice to have a big sister who was working!

And now, by the look on her face as Trisha closed the box, Deepika knew there was something special there. “I’ll check it out as soon as she’s asleep…” she thought, but drifted off herself and was fast asleep by the time Trisha got into the bed next to hers.

The next day, when Trisha was helping their mother in the kitchen, Deepika ran to the jewellery box, which always stood on the table. She burrowed through the chains and earrings and bracelets — but there was nothing special there.

Then, suddenly, she felt something move and she realised that there was a secret compartment in the box. Trisha had hidden something from her — she must be planning to give it to her later!

Quickly, she lifted out the top part of the box. There was only one thing in the cavity below. A thin silver chain with a silver ‘D’ hanging from it. Deepika’s breath caught in her throat. It was beautiful. And so grown-up! She loved it! She really had the best big sister in the world!

She took the chain and put it over her head. Just then she heard footsteps and she hurriedly shut the box and ran into the bathroom. By the time she came out again, she had forgotten that the chain was round her neck, hidden below her shirt.

Somehow, over the next few days, Deepika did not get a chance to return the chain to the box. Trisha often looked at her strangely and Deepika squirmed, wondering if she could see the ‘D’ hanging under her clothes. “I should wait for her to give it to me! I’ll put it back as soon as I get a chance,” she promised her conscience, but it didn’t happen.

Then one evening, Trisha brought a young man home with her. “Papa, Ma,” said Trisha hesitantly, “this is Dhiren from my office. He’s come to town to talk to you…”

She left Dhiren in the drawing room and pulled Deepika out with her. Both of them stood in the corridor.

Trisha was trying to listen to what was being said by her parents and Dhiren, but Deepika was staring open-mouthed at Trisha’s neck. She was wearing a thin silver chain with a ‘D’ hanging on it!’

Light bulbs flashed in Deepika’s head. Dhiren – D! Deepika – D! How stupid she had been! That chain was Trisha’s; it was not meant for Deepika at all! She tugged at Trisha’s arm. “Sorry!” she whispered, guiltily, pulling out the chain she wore and showing it to her sister.

“You had it!” exclaimed Trisha in a happy whisper. “I’m so glad! I thought it was lost — and I made myself a new one so Dhiren wouldn’t know I’d misplaced his first gift!”

And there, in the corridor, the two sisters exchanged the chains — both happy that their secret was safe with each other.

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