Can you guess which activity is the most important that we do during our lifetime? I’ll give you a hint — we spend approximately eight hours a day, 56 hours a week and 2,920 hours a year doing it. It’s sleeping, of course!

We need to wake up to know the importance of sleeping. It is a natural state when voluntary movements of the body are reduced. But why make a fuss about sleeping? It is natural, common and even trivial, one might say. But it is of utmost importance.

Try remaining awake for two or three days and the first things you’ll experience are severe headache, dizziness, and lack of concentration among other symptoms. As a student, I have experienced something similar during exam time when I get only four or five hours of sleep a day. It becomes impossible to study in such conditions. Now I know why I couldn’t put 100% effort in my previous exams. So next time, make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep and finish revisions early.

Ankit Deb, IX B, KV Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad