Heading to Chennai during my summer vacation, my father reminded me about the importance of the great art of sculptures.

Mahabalipuram seemed exciting and interesting even under the hot sun in April. The place was variably known as Mallai, Kadalmallai and Mamallapuram. When we reached Mamallapuram, it was noon. But I was eager to see the Shore Temple. It is so named as it is situated on the violent sea coast. The Shore Temple actually consisted of seven temples but now only five are present on land. The temple was built along Buddhist and Chinese architectural lines. It was built during the Pallava Dynasty. Mahavishu’s stalashainam and the half cut Siva linga (believed to be the Siva linga cut during a war in the period of Pallavas) was carved in a single piece of stone (the special skill of Mahabalipuram). On the west were the Sun Temple and a small pit where there was a Siva linga which was also lost in a war.

Revathi K, XII, Lakshmi Narayana Vidyanikethan, Ottapalam, Palakkad,Kerala

Keywords: Mahabalipuram