My visit to Sarnath was a memorable one

What with all joy and fun?

Playing with ring, doll and ball,

An exciting trip overall.

Gone on Twentieth January Two Thousand and Thirteen,

My first place of visit in my Teens.

All of us Ma, Ba, Pa and Me,

Warmth on our faces was full of glee.

Roaming around in Museum and Archaeological site,

Much to do with biscuits on a bite.

Tripping over the leftover remains,

Time to time kept pondering our brains.

Soon the day came to an end,

And we were overwhelmed,

To go back in that time and date,

And afterwards ‘bye’ we bade.

To the ancient culture and the ancient procedure,

And to Lord Buddha, The great teacher!

Aditi Misra, IX, Sunbeam School,Varuna, Varanasi