I had been to Mysore 10 years ago with my family. We had taken many photos and it has helped me remember about Mysore. If it weren’t for the pictures, I would have no memory of it.

Recently, I went on a class trip to Mysore with my friends, teachers and the principal. Our main goal was to have the best time with everyone who accompanied us during the trip. We started on January 2. We danced till we couldn’t anymore! As we needed to save our energy for the next day, we slept in the bus.

Next day, we reached Mysore. We went to the palace and roamed around like royalty during Tipu Sultan’s time. The talent of the sculptors were evident in the intricate carvings and structures in the palace. Later we stopped somewhere to do some shopping. We haggled with the shopkeepers and got some nice things for reasonable rates. But the most surprising moment was when our principal bought chain sets for me and my friends. He is awesome. He played and danced with us. After lunch, we visited the water jail and Tipu Sultan’s tomb. We also visited Brindavan Gardens. Because of the rush, we were asked to be tied to each other and move in a line.

Next day, we reached Ooty and visited Needle View Rock Point and Botanical Gardens. Then we stopped at Mettupalayam where we had the campfire. It was an unforgettable experience. We danced and had a gala time. Even the teachers danced with us. After dinner, we returned home. My father had come to school to pick me up. I wish it was January 2 again!

Pooja Soni V., X D, Girideepam Bethany Central School, Kottayam