Students focussed on various themes that made the exhibition interesting and informative.

“Numaish”, the in-house science exhibition at G.R. Damodaran Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore, provided students an opportunity to showcase their scientific temper and spirit.

Students from kindergarten to higher secondary classes came up with more than 200 exhibits on topics that were not only interesting but also informative.

The school says each class was given a topic to work on and whatever they came up with were displayed in 24 rooms. The exercise helped the students gain in-depth knowledge on the topics.

Students of Std. XI worked on green energy. They came up with exhibits on geothermal, wind and solar energies. The Std. X students chose traditional science and superstition. Many in the class displayed thought-provoking exhibits on traditional practices like lighting of the lamp for a deity.

Their juniors, the Std. IX students, had a lot to say about drawing, print making and photography. The well-informed students explained the styles of drawing and displayed rare photographs.

Sports too

The Std. VIII students focussed on science and technology in sports. Their exhibits covered sensors on the football field to a scientific training schedule to an athlete's diet. The Std. VII students' theme was man and machine. The Std. VI boys and girls had air pressure as their topic. They had a number of experiments to demonstrate this.

The kindergarten section was a riot of colours. They showcased what they had done over the past couple of months. They displayed charts showing the family tree, animals, body outlines, etc. Mohana Sundari, chief executive officer, Sharp Industries, who was the chief guest, spent considerable time with the students, particularly with the kindergarten ones, and listened to their presentations.

Geetha Padmanabhan, secretary of the school, praised the students and teachers.