Projects of three school students have been sent for the Ninth CSIR Diamond Jubilee Invention Award for school children.

Innovation and an inventive spirit were displayed by the students of Bhahyam Public School, Guntur, in the projects.

Three innovative projects done by students S.L Navya, Sk. Parveen and P.S.S Sarada under the guidance of General Science teacher and Lab in-charge B. Venkat Rao, are being sent to Ninth CSIR Diamond Jubilee Invention Award for school children (CDJIA-2010).

The awards are initiated by CSIR to create awareness, motivation and interest for Intellectual Property Rights for children.

The winner will become eligible for World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Young Inventor award.

S.L. Navya, of Std. X, proved that Flourisis, a disease which affects teeth, bone joints, hands and legs, can be prevented by deflouridation of water with a leafy solution of Neem, Kheer and Peepal leaves.

Field trips

Led by their science teacher, B. Venkat Rao, the students visited villages around Phirangipuram mandal in Guntur district and collected water samples.

The samples were tested in the school laboratory and it was found that the residual fluoride content is abnormally high.

Mr. Rao guided the students in experimenting with the leafy solution.

Another experiment done by Sk. Parveen, of Std. X, can help prevent the spread of Budrot disease in coconut plants leading to discoloration of leaves.

The Root administration technique involved treating the root with an insecticidal suspension of 10 ml of monocrotophos and 10 ml of water. P.S.S Sarada, of Std. X did a project on the metabolic rate of an animal. The project calculated the metabolic rate of elements and it was found that smaller animals have more metabolic activity when compared to larger animals.