Holidays are what anyone, especially students, look forward to when they get immersed in work. But does it turn out the way we want it to?

When school reopens, many of us are eager to meet and enjoy the company of friends and teachers, but slowly even that becomes tedious. Many of us are, of course, comfortable with everything that goes on thanks to the teachers, friends and subjects that keep us engaged throughout the year, but at the same time we wonder when the holidays will come so we can relax a bit. These holidays do not always turn out to be the way we want it to be but it still makes us more relaxed.

While some enjoy the holidays, others think it’s a bore. They enjoy the freedom holidays bring, yet find it empty. They feel lazy and realise that school days are more enjoyable than holidays.

There are others who enjoy holidays so much that they completely forget the responsibilities in school, but weep later about all the work they have missed and wish to start over.

Some love school days and the holidays just as much. They are happy, work hard during school days and also find something to do during the holidays. They are punctual, creative and full of positive energy.

Which of these do you relate to most?

Sneha Rahel Daniel, VII, Montfort SSS, Roorkee, Uttarakhand