I am motivated for various reasons. When I go to school, I get to learn new things. Every day I look at the school calendar, which has a quote under each date. This keeps my spirits up for the rest of the day. Our classes are made interesting with role-plays and other activities that make learning so much fun.

Our school instils good values in us. All festivals are celebrated. This helps us learn about our culture.

There are various interesting clubs that teach about photography and cooking among other things. We can join any of them according to our interests and get theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Not only does it ensure overall development but also a clear picture about what our interests are. I feel blessed to be in a school, where we have a platform to experiment and assess ourselves.

I believe that my school gives us everything necessary to become a good citizen. I am proud of my school and teachers.

Prerna Madan, VI, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam