Springdale educational group observed the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in association with Tirupati City Chamber at a function held at Thyagaraja Mandapam. Children paid tribute at the replica of the ‘Raj Ghat'. City Chamber President Ayub Khan said that the ‘Raj Ghat' was replicated to enable people to pay tributes at ‘Gandhi Samadhi', as not many would get the opportunity to visit Delhi for the same. Correspondent K.S. Vasu said that the event was aimed at disseminating the message that terrorism witnessed by the society today is an offshoot of intolerance and hence it is important to highlight the teachings of Mahatma, who was an epitome of religious tolerance. Students sang patriotic songs on the occasion. Political leaders and social activists also took part.


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya observed ‘Vegetables Day' at the Alipiri premises, Tirupati, recently. At the programme conducted for the pre-primary students, they were made to dress like tomato, brinjal, chilli, lady's finger, capsicum, cabbage, potato and onion, while the teachers explained them the significance of each vegetable. The event was organised to help the children identify the vegetables, their colour and shape. Some students dressed as vendors ‘sold' the vegetables to their classmates in the makeshift market.


Sri Venkateswara Children's High School conducted Science Carnival 2011 recently, which was inaugurated by former legislator M.Venkatramana. Dr. Swarajya Lakshmi, TTD's Women Welfare Officer, was the special guest. Students exhibited their talent in various fields of science, showing how agriculture could be carried on in the Himalayan region, giving tips to avert global warming by keeping pollution at bay and explained the features of Hydrogen fuel, which could be a major alternative for petrol and diesel. The working and static models of sensor radar, spy robot, IVR remote and automatic letter box impressed the audience. The 20-foot tall model of ‘Little Boy', the atom bomb that rocked Hiroshima in Japan during the Second World War, was used to explain the negative consequences of science and technology. Headmistresses P.B. Padmaja and H.R. Jyoti, and Administrative Officer B.Chandrababu took part.

Inputs from AD Rangarajan; Photos: KV. Poornachandra Kumar.