Members of the Environment Club in Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Gosala, chose to go eco-friendly during the celebration of Vinayaka Chavithi. The club members, under the guidance of their vice-principal N.H. Sarma, visited the nearby fields and brought black clay to mould it into a Ganesha statue that was installed in the pandal erected on the school campus. On the festival day, the students gathered at the venue and offered special puja, led by the head of the mathematics department Ravindra. The students also thanked their Principal G.P. Achary for giving them a free hand in the pompous celebration of the festival.

As part of Hindi Bhasha Dinotsavam (Hindi Language Day), Delhi Public School organised week-long programmes based on Hindi language and aimed at encouraging the students to use Hindi language in their daily conversation. The special assembly sessions highlighted the importance of Hindi language while students grabbed the opportunity to exhibit their prowess in the language by actively participating in the contests in poetry, songs and skit competitions held in Hindi language. The week-long celebrations culminated in a song contest and a culinary competition organised for parents. Y. Seetaramaiah, retired Hindi teacher from Siddhartha College, was felicitated on the occasion.

Motivated by the anti-pollution campaign taken up by many local non-governmental organisations just before the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, students of SKPVV Hindu High School at Gandhinagar, chose to set an example to others by switching over to use of clay statues for Ganesh puja. The school headmistress and staff members complimented the young ones for their wise move.

Tiny-tots of Bhashyam Little Champs stepped into the shoes of professionals from various fields as part of the ‘Professions Day’ observed by the school. Principal Kavita explained about the significance of the day to students who were dressed as a lawyer, an engineer, a sub-inspector of police, a political leader and many other roles. Enacting different roles, the students said if every individual discharged his/her duty with utmost sincerity, there would be no scope for corruption and other evils.

Kommareddy Kishore, an educationist, urged students of Indian Springs, a school run by NRI Educational Society, to strive hard to achieve their goals right from their school days. Addressing students on the occasion of ‘Colour Dress’ day, he pointed out that the world was moving at a fast pace and to keep with the rapid development in the field of science and technology, children must focus on their academics and emerge with flying colours. The school’s Administrative Director K. Chaitanya, vice-principal O.T. Srinivas, primary school incharge N. Kumari and others were present.

Keywords: Ongole schools