Waking up to the danger of drug abuse, Al-Ameen Public School, Edappally, has kick-started an anti-drugs Students' movement.

For parents nothing can be more distressing than the sight of their beloved children falling preyto drugs, stubbing out all promises of a bright future. And it is a fact that a number of children are hooked on to them.

Sensitisation efforts

Waking up to the lurking danger, Al-Ameen Public School, Edappally, has launched an Anti-drugs Students' Movement on its campus recently. State Excise Minister K. Babu launched the movement, after which students of the school took an anti-drugs oath.

The idea behind the initiative is to sensitise students against the use of drugs and to enlist them in the campaign against drugs and alcohol.

“We have identified about 15 items with addictive characteristics targeting students. Initially, these items are even given free of cost to students to create more customers out of their classmates and also in the knowledge that students would return the next day,” said T.P.M. Ibrahim Khan, chairman of the Al-Ameen Public School and president of the Kerala CBSE School Managements Association.

Studies reveal that different kinds of drugs, including dry ganja are easily available to students. The most worrying aspect is that these narcotic varieties are sold in the neighbourhood of many schools.

Lurking close

City Police, during an intensive drive, arrested more than five persons in last two months, on charges of selling dry ganja near school premises, giving an indication of the alarming trend.

Mr. Khan said that the initiative will be introduced in other CBSE Schools in the State, adding that a resolution to that effect will be taken at the next meeting of the association. Plans are also afoot to bring the government schools under the project. The Al-Ameen Education Trust has printed leaflets propagating anti-drugs messages which will be distributed in CBSE Schools across the State.

“Consistent and sustained campaign by students is the only solution to this menace. Once the programme is extended to other CBSE Schools, a lead school will be selected in each district to carry forward the campaign,” Mr. Khan said.

He said students can be effective campaigners even in the State government's de-addiction initiatives. “At least some students can stand up to their alcoholic parents and ask them to quit the habit forcing them to introspect,” he said.

Unlike the previous generations, today's youngsters are bestowed with many avenues to be successful in life. In their pursuit of that goal, alcohol and drugs are the worst companions. The initiatives like the Anti-drugs Students Movement help to make sure that it doesn't happen.