The students of Devnar School for the blind showed their appreciation for their teachers.

The Devnar School for the Blind felicitated 30 full time teachers, ten volunteer teachers and two overseas student volunteers for playing a crucial part in preparing the 350 students for life. The Award for the Visually Challenged Teacher was given to Nimton Babu, Principal, Residential School for the Blind, Mahabubnagar.


Principal Lily Egbert and her husband Egbert Dawson, an octogenarian who teaches Biology and drives home the subject through his creative models, spoke of their many experiences.

Revali of Std. IX says, “I have been at Devnar for six years and my teachers are patient and loving and make the lessons so interesting.”

The Devnar School for the Blind has grown over 19 years and the alumni of the school have made their mark in several fields be it education, sports and corporate careers. Much of these achievements are the result of dedicated teachers who go the extra mile in teaching, guiding and encouraging their students – kudos to them! For volunteering and supporting the cause of the visually-challenged call 66175696.