There is nothing like the love of a grandmother or a grandfather. They might not have the physical strength to run around the house behind their grandchildren, and yet they would love to do so.

They are always doing something for their grandkids. They become a friend, a teacher, a mentor... easily switching roles, depending on the requirement of the kid. But are rarely their services recognised barring few exceptions.

Time out

The students of K. Rubdi Nursery, KG School in Dharwad had an opportunity recently to give something in return for their love, although they don’t expect it. On “GrandParents Day”, the children saw their grandparents become kids again competing with each other in various competitions.

As many as 50grandfathers and grandmothers participated in games like passing the potato, solving the puzzle, water game and others and some won prizes too. The grandparents enjoyed every bit of it by reliving their childhood, while their grandchildren watched them in amazement. There was one thing, which the grandparents loved most and that was narrating the incidents related to their grandchildren’s amazing feats.

The chief guest for the function advocate S.T. Patil felt that it was a way of thanking senior citizens.