I am concerned about water and nature. In all the streets, our government has laid pipes for every 100 metres in which they supply bore water twice a day. This is really a great job. But, in most of the places there are no taps. So thousands and thousands of litres are being wasted everyday. This is just in the city of Coimbatore. Can you calculate how many cities are there and how many litres of water are wasted everyday? Water is being wasted in many hotels, cinema theatres and so on because there are no proper taps and no awareness among people. According to a survey the money spent on a single nuclear test could lay 2,00,000 pipes.

Newspapers must publish a list of phone numbers where concerned citizens can lodge their complaints when they see wastage of water. All schools must arrange for awareness camps and students must be made to participate. The awareness of rainwater harvesting should be highlighted.

V.Rishi, IX, National Model SSS, Coimbatore.