Six school students from Kochi will now rock the music scene with their own rock band.

The love for melodies brought the six of them together and they now have a music band to call their own. It is a stress buster for them and instilled in them more discipline. Forming the band also helped them study better, despite earmarking a couple of hours in the evening to finetune their songs. The teenagers from Toc-H School in Kochi — five from the Std IX and one from Std VIII, were all excited as they described how their band titled ‘System of Thought' evolved.

“Our preferred choice is heavy metal,” said Aditya Nair, lead pianist and the school's leader. They get together each evening at anyone of their houses to rehearse. So do neighbours take offence on hearing the ‘heavy' sounds? “Not really, in fact some boys from nearby homes are curious about what takes place at our house,” he said.

Journey so far

The ‘System of Thought' from the movie “3 Idiots” too influenced the boys into forming the band. The cooperation extended by their parents during the past two years sustained them as they evolved into what System of Thought is now. They got together for the first time at the Rotary Children's Festival, which was followed by a stage performance in connection with the school's annual day.

The International Learning Conference held by Indian Society for Training & Development in Kochi too saw the teens perform. The band is not mentored by anyone, though their instrument teachers help them.

The youngest member, a chirpy Joseph Jose Periappuram, lead guitarist, spoke of how the team members treat him as their brother and the influence that Kochi's own ‘Mother Jane' band had on them.

“Most of us intend to continue with music even after landing up in jobs,” said the band's drummer Rohit Jacob.

The other team members are Jackson Varghese and Pradeesh Solomon (Vocal) and Samuel George (Rhythm Guitar).


They also love rock and country music. Highway to Hell, Stairway to heaven, Country roads are among their favourites. The band members composed a song titled “Forever Sorrow”. Among the songs that they love playing are Crimson tide and Last in the wilds, remembered for the soothing music.

Enter sandman, Sad but true, Calling the rain, Slama's son, Inis Mona, Breaking the law, After life, Seize the day, and Lost in space are among the songs that they are currently learning.

They group is on the look out for more platforms outside.