Last year, an interesting incident took place. In my English class, my teacher Lakshmi madam was teaching us negative sentences. I was not listening to what she was teaching, instead I was worrying about my Physics test the next period. I had forgotten to study for the test and I was very scared. I was praying that our Physics teacher would not come to class and the test would be cancelled. Just then Lakshmi ma'am asked me a question, “Deepa, give me an example of the negative sentence.” I stood up. I did not know the answer. I decided to tell her that I was not listening. “Madam, I was not listening in the class.” To my utter surprise she said, “Yes, sit down. Your answer is correct.” I was very puzzled. When class got over I asked my friends what Lakshmi ma’am had meant. They told me that they had been learning negative sentences and hence my use of ‘not’ in the sentence was right. When I heard this I laughed a lot!

Deepa Mariam George, VII C, MGMRP School, Patnapuram