A short story by Eileen Mary, a class VIII student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kasaragod.

Once upon a time there lived a king. He had a loyal minister. The minister had a habit of saying “everything happens for a good reason”.

Once when the minister’s son had broken his leg, the king visited him. The king was surprised to hear the minister say that it had happened for a good reason. He explained that he now had to buy only one shoe!

One day, the king cut his finger. As usual the minister said that it had happened for a good reason and the king, out of anger, jailed him.

Later, the king went hunting alone. Alas, he was captured by the tribespeople, who decided to sacrifice him to please their God. But at that moment, one of the tribespeople noticed the injury on the king’s finger. They released him as they wanted to sacrifice a healthy person.

Now the king understood what his minister had meant. He rode back to the palace and released the minister. But the minister simply said that if the king had not put him in jail, then he would have accompanied him. The tribespeople would have released the king, but they would have killed the minister instead.

Everything happens for a good reason, he reiterated.

Eileen Mary, VIII A, KV No. 2, Kasaragod