“Aaaahhhh,” my mom screamed. “There is a dead mouse on the floor!” “Red, you've been at work, haven't you?” I asked our cat. Red is a brown cat that is five years old and loves to catch mice. Next day, Red started acting weirdly. He went on sleeping on the couch. He didn't even get up when I called out to him.

The vet said that Red was suffering from severe food poisoning. He also said that Red couldn't be saved and that he would die soon. That evening I put Red on my lap and patted him. He purred and let out a soft meow. And he died on my lap. We buried him and prayed for him. When I was sleeping I heard a meow — a ghostly and hollow one. Pretending that it was just my imagination I dozed off. Next day, I woke up when I heard my mother screaming. My mother was pointing to the floor.

When I looked down, my eyes bulged out of my head. There was a dead mouse. It could mean only one thing. I told my dad, “Dad, yesterday I heard Red meowing. And now, there's a dead mouse. This means that Red's spirit is still here in the house”. “Yes, we heard the caterwauling, too. We thought it was another cat. But now, we're sure that it's Red. It is believed that spirits refuse to rest when there is an unfinished task they need to complete.” Then it hit me. “I got it,” I shouted, “Red wants to catch the mice. And I've got the perfect idea to make his spirit rest.”

That day I made my dad take me to the pet shop. We bought two brown cats. They started to do Red's job. From that day, we never heard Red again. That's because he didn't need to do his job anymore. He could finally rest in peace.

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