This New Year I made a resolution which will be helpful to others: planting trees and helping the poor. I think we should make resolutions which benefit others and not just ourselves. Resolutions like losing weight and staying fit are something that concerns only us. But what is the world gaining by our losing weight ?

We have heard of many celebrities making resolutions that only concern them. It is a matter of shame that all they want is to more opportunities for acting or singing. Don't they know that the development of our country is important to all of us.

I have planted 26 different saplings along the roads and made the Talkatora Stadium garden in Gole Market green and colourful as I found it was lying barren and dusty. And I have been saving pocket money and looking for various charity/donation sites to contribute money to poor people. I believe that what we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for the world remains and continues to benefit the coming generations.

S. Shreyas, IX C, Springdales School .