Einstein's birth anniversary was celebrated by this group pf children with many activities.

It was a memorable day for the school children who had gathered at Treasure House for a workshop. It was the event organised to mark the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein.

Born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879, Einstein is known for his Theory of Relativity and the equation from the theory, E=mc2. He wrote many papers, with theories and models, particularly relating to quantum physics. He was awarded the Nobel Physics Prize in 1921.

Quiz time

The event began with the children responding to questions on Einstein.

Then followed the highlight of the meet - the experiments session. Since, Einstein was basically a physicist, the experiments were based on popular concepts from physics.

The confident children presented brief introductions before commencing their experiments for which they used batteries, copper wire, hot and cold water, air pressure and balloons.

Ravisri, a Std. IV student of HPS, made a wire spin using a magnet and battery, while Siddharth, Std. V, Oakridge used a bottle, a tissue and balloon to show air pressure tricks. He wants to be a hardware engineer, doing something a little different from his father, who is a software engineer.

The idea of creating gadgets and new things interests youngsters.

Akhil, of Std VIII, DPS showcased the trick of crushing a plastic bottle without touching it, using a little hot and cold water.

“I love to explore space and so would like to become an astronaut. Quantum physics fascinates me,” he says.

Talking about this unique workship that was aimed at providing hands on understanding of Einstein's works, “we have asked children to explain the theorem with their own models and experiments.

The idea is to make them understand physics by observing the various experiments that have been lined up for them. More such workshops would be held on specific scientific subjects,” said Sreenivas, software engineer, Microsoft, and one of the event organisers.