He was my friend. I say ‘was’ because some months ago he said to me, “I cannot accept your friendship”. It came as a rude shock to me. I wasn’t dreaming.

I had opened up to him. I thought I was going out of my mind trying to understand why he would reject me as a friend. The more I tried to understand, the more he was silent on the matter. He was surely hiding something from me.

Then one day he told me that he already had a close friend. I asked him what was wrong in having more than one friend. He answered that friendship was not child’s play to him and if he became my friend, he won’t be able to keep the other friend’s secrets. He could manage only one friend and his secret and not that of many others.

Maybe we are better off with a single friend. I’m still searching for mine.

Mubashir E.K., VI, Darunnajath Arabic College, Kozhikode