Greek feta salad


Iceberg lettuce 40 gm

Lolo rosa lettuce 40 gm

Romaine lettuce 40 gm

Cucumber 90 gm

Tomato 140gm

Peppers 90 gm

Onion 60 gm

Feta 20 gm

Black olives 30 gm

Lemon juice 20 ml

Vinegar 10 ml

Oil 30 ml

Pita croutons 40 gm


Add romaine, iceberg, lolo rosa lettuce, olives, diamonds of cucumber and dices of onion, tomato, peppers, feta cheese.

Fry the dices of pita until crisp and add to the above ingredients.

Add lemon vinegrette dressing and toss it with seasonings.

Serve as shown above and top it with feta cheese.


Spaghetti with smoked tomato sauce and basil.


Tomatoes 200gm

Onion 10gm

Garlic 5gm

Smoked cherry tomato

50 gm

Basil 5gm

Butter 10gm

Spaghetti 40gm

Parmigiano region 10gm


Boil the spaghetti and keep aside.

Heat the pan, add garlic and onion. Saute.

Add tomato sauce.

Add basil and seasoning.

Add pasta and butter.

Finish with parmigiano rigiono.

After arranging the dish garnish with parmagiano regiono flakes and basil leaves.

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