Which is better — sitting on the couch in front of TV or curling up on the sofa and reading your favourite book? Definitely, reading. It is a fact that people like it better when they are called readers rather than hatchers or couch potatoes. But someone who reads anything that he could lay his hands upon is not a good reader. You have to read books to be called a reader. As T.H. White says "Learning is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust. Never fear and never dream of regretting." The same goes with reading. There was a time when reading used to be people's favourite past time but now it has been replaced with many unhealthy and addictive habits like watching television and surfing the net. Therefore, let's be those pre-eminent readers people love.

Neha is a Std IX student at Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School, Thiruvallom

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