Watching the rains in Kerala is like watching God in action, watering the dry plants after a long, hot and dry summer. During the summer, I was praying for weather like this as a respite from the heat. This year’s monsoons have saved the state from fear of power shortage and drought.

However, some blessings can turn into a curse as well. Several families lost their homes and monsoon related deaths were reported all over the state. Continuous rains also create favourable conditions for mosquitoes to breed and spread malaria, dengue and chikungunya. Smooth roads are filled with potholes and puddles. And yet, tourists visit Kerala to enjoy the monsoons.

For me and my friends, monsoon means a time to have fun. During breaks between classes, my friends and I run around the campus without umbrellas and splash around the puddles until we get caught by our class teacher. At home, my neighbour and I go to the nearby park and enjoy the drizzle or the occasional rainbow.

The holidays that followed the heavy rains gave me the chance to explore more. I went cycling along the hills with my friends, swimming in a canal close by and fishing with my dad. The rains made all these events memorable and awesome.

Nekha Mariyam Jayan, VIII B, Mar Athanasius International School, Kothamangalam