Jeremy had a dream…a red bicycle. But will his dream come true?

Jeremy stared at the red bicycle in Mr. Peter's Bicycle Shop. It was the one he had his eye on.

The handles were just the right height, the wheels had red spokes. There was a basket attached to the front of the bicycle. The seat was red and adjustable. It had a light on the back too. Everyday Jeremy came to look at the red bicycle and Mr. Peters had taken notice.

“Hey there Jeremy. You like this here bicycle?”

“Yeah, I do. But it's $150.00 and my dad lost his job. There's no way he can afford it. My mom works part-time and she has my brother and sister to look after.”

“What about your grandpa?”

“I suppose I could ask him. He's not always feeling well.”

“I know. He has his heart problems.”

“I'll ask him anyway.”

“Okay, Jeremy. Times are hard. Money is scarce. A lot of folks here in Baskins, Alabama, are just about getting by. I've got an idea.”

“What's that?”

“Ms. Tyler at the bookstore needs someone to help her unpack the books, stock the shelves and run errands. You can save up some money, ask your grandpa to help you and I'll take $50.00 off the price. What do you say? A deal?”

Jeremy smiled ear to ear. “A deal, Mr. Peters. Thank you!”

Jeremy ran out of the shop and went to see his grandpa. He told him about Mr. Peters and the red bicycle.

“That's a fine idea. I'll help you out and you work at the bookstore.”

“Thanks grandpa.”

“How about some cocoa?”

“I'd love some”

Jeremy worked at the bookstore after school. He unpacked the boxes, stocked the shelves and ran errands. Five weeks had passed and he now had the $50.00. He went to see his grandpa.

“I've got the $50.00 for my red bicycle.”

“Great, let me get the other $50.00 out of my envelope.”

Jeremy and his grandpa rode to Mr. Peter's Bicycle Shop in grandpa's Chevy truck. They paid Mr. Peters and he loaded the bicycle onto the truck. It was the happiest day in Jeremy's life. He had his red bicycle.

“Thanks Mr. Peters!”

“That's okay. You enjoy that bicycle.”

“I sure will!”


At WorkSeptember 24, 2010