A group of kids went of an eco rally.

Plastic has taken over mankind or at least that seems to be a certainty in future. But when it comes to disposing plastic, that's when the problem arises.

How do you dispose plastic?

Be aware

To create awareness about this issue a eco rally was organised by Nidhi Mehra, a Std. VIII student of Sri Aurobindo International School recently. She organised a door-to-door campaign in Anantha Saraswathi Nagar Colony, Malakajgiri to create awareness about waste management.

“The use of plastic has been banned from July 1 onwards. So we wanted to inform people about the waste management and the concept of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling (3 R's).

Since the use of plastic can't be completely stopped we asked people to use virgin plastic which is less harmful,” explains Nidhi Mehra.

About 35 children from various schools and few adults took part in this rally.

Nishta of Std. III says, “We prepared placards asking people not to use plastic.”

When asked about the problems she faced while organising the rally Nidhi replies, “We had no problem while organising it. However we had to shout more so that people could hear us.”

She continued, “When people use plastic they don't know how to segregate the waste. They just dump it in the landfills. It takes millions of years for the plastic to get decomposed and even animals are affected by this ,” says Nidhi.


Rally against plastic use heldAugust 1, 2011