Once there lived a man named Ram in a village called Kolapur which was situated near the Himalayas. Right next to it was the beautiful waterfalls. It became a great tourist attraction in a year and the villagers found a better option of work in tourism than in the fields. So the people of the village began to cut trees and soon the forest land was cleared and big hotels and lodges were set up. Ram opposed this whole idea and told them about the consequences. But the people of the village were busy building castles in the air and paid no heed.

One day, Ram was in the city and something happened that changed his life. He saw the destruction of his village by massive landslides on television. He blanked out for a minute. He thought it was a nightmare but the truth was before him. He ran to his village but unfortunately all he saw was debris. He appealed for help to the government to dig up the land as some people could be inside, blocked in soil. But the government’s help came late and all the villagers died. He decided to die and when he was at the edge of a cliff he thought that what will happen to the people who have survived. They too will suffer the same plight. He decided to fill the world with trees to prevent future disasters.

In his life time he could not fill the world with trees but revived the natural beauty of his village and its surrounding areas. So, contribute to revive the beauty of our nature.  

Prafull Gupta, IX A, St. Francis School, Anpara