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Updated: January 10, 2011 20:43 IST

Playmate, buddy and pal

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I love him : My little furry friend. Photo : K.R. Deepak
I love him : My little furry friend. Photo : K.R. Deepak

Almost everyone would love to have a dog for a pet.

Brown, black, big, small, furry, non- furry… when it comes to dogs it just doesn't matter. They are adorable just the way they are.

Ask kids about their pets and they all say they love their dogs. While some kids like to teach their dogs tricks, others are happy just to play with them and have them by their side all the time.

G. Divya, a Std VI student of MCC says, “I have two dogs, both are mongrels…but that does not matter. What is important is that they are faithful.” She says she would like to teach her dogs to be careful and not eat food offered by strangers.

Nikhil and Rishab, Std X students of RMR Matriculation and Doveton Corrie MHSS said they loved dogs. They are yet to buy a dog after the first one passed away. “I would really like our dog to jump up high and be able to search for objects on command,” says Rishab. They say that they will treat their dog with a lot of love and respect.

Arjun, Std IV, Archay Vidya Mandir wants a pet — a dog. Scouting for good breeds and checking them out happens only during dog shows. “I want a dog that can run fast and in turn I would give it a wash and give it a treat once in a while,” he says.

Dog lovers are aplenty and there are many who choose to have more than one dog.

However, 14 dogs is a rarity, but not for Kalaivani of Std. V, Everwin Matriculation School. She has boxers and labradors and she loves to play with all of them, jumping and running with them.

“I would love to increase the count but this time I want to buy a small dog…I don't think I can cook but I can definitely refill the water bowl every now and then.

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