Want a new toy? Well, see what nature has to offer. Coconut shells, tamarind seeds, mango leaves, twigs... all help you have a good time

You walk into a toyshop and see those glossy games promising fun, excitement and adventure. You desperately want them but a firm "No" says it all. But all is not lost. You still can have hours of fun, topped with creativity with the help of nature.

Season's choice

Coconut shells, tamarind and mango seeds, gundu mani , mango leaves, twigs, shells , all help you have a whale of a time.

"Not many bought games in the olden days," says Vinita Sidhartha of Kreeda, "They actually picked it from nature. People used these to create games of their own, used them and discarded them as the season ended. The next season would mean another set of games with the new fruit, seeds and leaves. The best part was that these games were that they were eco-friendly and biodegradable."

Coconut shells cleaned well meant great stilts. A hole neatly bored and a thick cord through it, tightly knotted had you walking, and running races with your friends. Tamarind seeds provided means for versatile games. Did you enjoy the mango season? Don't throw the seeds away. Wash and dry them, for they make for great games. Simple and innovative, these games tap your imaginative and creative powers as well as help you to keep in touch and connect with nature