Learning science is made interesting at the Regional Science Centres and Planetarium

Whatever be the advancements, humans have made, Science has had something to do with it.

The enormous growth over the centuries has contributed towards making Science more accessible and comprehensible.

Promoting science

The role of institutions like the Regional Science Centres (RSC) functioning in different parts of the country under the National Council of Science Museums, Government of India, is commendable in this regard.

The RSC and Planetarium in Kozhikode is one of the best run RSCs in the country and is a perfect destination for school children to explore during the summer vacation.

The centre provides a perfect ambience for exploring Science through hands-on expositions and experiments. It also facilitates a wide range of activities aimed at inculcating a scientific attitude and temperament.

Fun attractions

The following are some of the key attractions of the centre:

Science Park: It's a fascinating place where you can experience and explore a range of scientific things by playing with swings, pulleys, see-saws, water wheels, gear train and many more. It also has moving models of several prehistoric animals.

Mirror Magic: It's a gallery full of interesting and interactive exhibits explaining the scientific principles of mirror optics. Here the visitors can float in air, see their image vanishing, peep into a tunnel of infinite depth and more...

Hall of Astronomy: It showcases the development of astronomy through the ages. It has four sections: ‘Pre-telescopic era'; ‘Post-telescopic era'; ‘Earth and Moon'; and ‘In search of cosmic truth'.

Human Endurance: This gallery depicts various physiological functions of the human body, particularly related to repeated activities in sports and daily life. Visitors can try their hand and check their endurance…

Fun Science: This section contains working exhibits to explain various theorems and phenomena in physics, chemistry, astronomy and environmental science…

3-D Fantasy Show: This is the place to experience the thrill of 3-D movies where objects seem to come virtually out of the screen!

Planetarium shows: The Planetarium provides the perfect ambience to initiate and excite people about the heavenly bodies, their nature and relative movements by simulating the night sky of a particular place at a particular time. RSC houses a 250-seater planetarium, equipped with a German Zeiss projector.

The RSC also organises several sky-observation programmes and hobby classes besides lectures, science demonstrations road shows.

From 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on all days except Onam and Diwali are the working hours of this wonderful place, which is located at Jafferkhan Colony Road.