The drawing competition at school this year was an amazing experience for me. When I reached school the day that the drawing competition was scheduled, I didn’t have a clue as to what I would draw. But I had to take part in the competition.

After thinking long and hard, I decided to draw a pencil. I drew a pencil with proper shading. But a pencil alone is dull, so I drew a drawing book beside it. Now the picture was of a pencil lying on an open drawing book. But does a pencil on an open book have any meaning?

I broke the lead of the pencil. Something was still missing. I drew an eraser, sharpener, ruler and a pen stand beside the book. It is a complete picture now.

I had started with a pencil and now it has a story behind it — a child was drawing a picture. While drawing, the pencil’s lead broke. The child dropped the idea of drawing and went out to play with friends leaving the book open and the pencil on it.

I smiled at my knack of telling a story through a picture and gave the drawing to my teacher.

Adithyan U., VI E, MGM School, Thiruvananthapuram