Before the summer vacation began, I had planned a lot of things with my friends, but as the climate was unbearably hot, I wasn’t allowed to play outdoors. I felt sad, but my father got me some books and I spent most of my time reading. Once I finished reading them all, I thought of trying something new.

I went to my grandmother’s place one day and saw a lot of fresh mangoes hanging from the tree. I had an idea and asked my uncle to pluck some for me. I went home the next day and put my plan in motion. I took the mangoes, washed it in clean water and wiped it with a dry cloth. I sliced the mangoes into small pieces and put it in a dry bottle. I roasted some fenugreek and asafoetida, ground it and added it to the bottle. I also put some chilli powder, salt and mustard seeds. Then I poured some vinegar into the bottle, shook it well and kept it aside.

After a few days, I took some mango pieces from the bottle and tasted it. It was delicious! The next day was my mother’s birthday and my uncle and cousins came to visit. I served my mango pickle with pride and they all praised me for making such a yummy pickle. My mother was also really happy with what I had done. Now, my brother and I enjoy our lunch with the pickle I made.

Vipanjika R., VII, Rani Public School, Vatakara