You know my pen, right? You don’t? I thought you did! Let me tell you what happened. It all began when I started writing with my Trimax pen.

One day, I was in class doing the most boring work. Suddenly, I felt my pen quiver. I dropped it and ran to the other end of the class. Apparently, no one noticed what was happening at my desk or found it interesting. I was absolutely dumbfounded.

On the desk, my pen, which had probably grown some kind of brain, was standing on its nib, cap on top of it, and writing all by itself. Bewildered, I slowly tiptoed back to my desk. The pen did what I expected. The moment I came close to it, the pen jumped tip-first, aiming at its only target — my face! But I caught it, stopping it a centimetre away from my face. I closed the pen and it went limp.

“Okay,” I said, “I am going to teach this pen some manners.” I opened it and it wrote ‘Sarry’.

“What is this ‘Sarry’?” I asked.

It struck out the ‘a’ and put ‘o’ on top of it to mean ‘Sorry’. “It’s okay”, I said, wondering where this thing kept its brain. Suddenly, it started writing in red correcting the work it did! Now, I’m starting to like this pen.

The writer is a student of class VI, Isha Home School, Coimbatore