Our solar system consists of eight planets. Out of them, earth is considered unique because only our planet can sustain life and has natural resources. But now these resources are fast depleting. The reasons for this are industrial development, population explosion and many unnatural changes occurring in nature.

The diverse flora and fauna are God’s gift to man, but it seems that we have little respect for it. Rather than conserving, mankind has unscrupulously exploited and sought shortcuts to prosperity.

Forest area is being cleared for making more space and settlement. The easy availability of raw materials in forest area makes it the ideal location to set up industries. Moreover, smugglers and poachers plunder the forest of its natural resources. It takes a long time to grow a tree, but hardly a minute to cut it down.

A Chinese proverb goes thus — Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.

Whenever a tree is cut down we must realise that it is our loss. Rainfall will gradually decrease and fresh air will also be scarce. Soil erosion and landslides will be common if the destruction of forests continues.

The calm quiet strength of a tree

Anchored deep in the earth

Reaching high in the sky

Full of life from its roots

To the tiniest branch

From the weight of its trunk

To its delicate leaves

Showing anyone near the secret of time

The calm quiet strength of a tree

Grow more trees. Let the chapter of Godly existence continue and this time with the mantra of live and let live. Let’s carry a green torch and pass it onto coming generations to lead a happy life.

Ambreen Fathima, MANU HSS, Madurai


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