The theme of this year’s Environment Day being ‘Think. Eat. Save.’, we started thinking — how can it be observed differently. We did a bit of brainstorming and pooled our ideas. One of them was the palm print tree.

Everyone was to take a pledge to preserve and protect the environment. All of us had to dip our hands in a bowl of green ink and press it on the sketch of a tree on a canvas. The teachers seemed more excited than the students. In the end, the bare canvas was transformed into a beautiful picture of a tree with several palm prints instead of leaves. Many interesting vows were also made. It was not only fun, but also a great learning experience.

The campus looked greener than ever, especially with the teachers choosing to wear green sarees! The programme concluded with the Headmistress handing over saplings to all the class representatives.

Haritha M.B., XI, Sudana Residential School, Puttur