At the recently staged Wizard of Oz, kids had a wonderful time dancing and singing with Dorothy and her friends.

What do Dorothy, Shakey the scarecrow, Shiny the tinman and the Lion have in common? They are on a journey to see the great Wizard of Oz. And many children gathered at the Sir Mutha Venkata Subbarao Concert Hall, to meet and greet the four when they came to stage the play – The Wizard of Oz. It was staged by A (Sydney).

Dorothy has been whisked away to the land of munchkin where everyone is dancing, singing and having fun. But Dorothy misses home and wants to go back. The good witch tells her that she should go to Emerald City and meet the great Wizard who can grant her wish. The yellow brick road that leads to the green city paves the way as she meets her companions Shakey the scarecrow who wants brains, a lion who wants courage and the tinman who wants a heart.

Led by great music, well choreographed dances, interactive sessions, Dorothy and her gang reach Emerald city amidst all perils.

A fun and unique show, this was definitely no sit-down-and-watch affair. Children sang, danced and actively participated all through Dorothy's adventures down the yellow brick road.

A visual treat, this interactive story telling was definitely their best fairy tale experience.

ASHISH, IV and THELMA, UKG, SBOA: I loved the play, and all the characters too. The witch was my favourite as she was scary and so cool.

SWARNIM, VI, Kola Saraswathi Vaishanav S.S.S.: I loved Shakey the best. He danced, sang and made us all do it too.

SOAMI KAPADIA, II, APL Global: I liked the lion. I did not like the crow. It scared me. I liked the play as I got to dance.

JEET, IV, Lady Andal: I loved the play. The dances and the songs as I knew a couple of them. Shakey was my favourite but lion was my least favourite. He never spoke on stage and kept leaving the stage while the others stayed.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012