When we look around us now, we can see flowers in bloom, smell the damp soil entwined with the fragrance of the early blooming flowers. The happy chirping of the birds at dawn, the morning dew on the tip of the small but tender green leaves remind us that spring with its pretty flowers and vibrant colours is on its way.

Spring being the most cherished season brings forth prosperity and sheds new hope upon our lives. To see the sun glistening upon this earth, upon all of God’s beautiful creations, to welcome spring, reminds me of how blessed we all are to still have a chance to enjoy all that what Mother Nature has to offer to us. But I am afraid the future generations might not be able to do so owing to Man’s exploitation of nature.

However, when Man does come to his senses, I do hope that it is not too late to enjoy these rare gifts of Mother Nature.

VANI A.J., VIII A, Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School, Thrissur