With so many different gaming genres to choose from children are having fun playing them with friends.

The internet has redefined gaming. Children today are hooked on online games, especially during their holidays. Available all day they are also free and thereby allows them to choose from the 100 odd games available. Surreal graphics and sounds have now become a part of every child's dreams.

Just choose

Catering universally, there are several choices readily available for them ranging from games such as action, sports, fun, classic, retro, shooting, puzzles, mental exercises, skill and ability, strategy, simulation, racing, casino and card games. While the girls prefer the fun, puzzles, mental exercises, classic and card games, it is racing, shooting, sports and strategy games for the boys. Prakash, of Std X, says that he prefers playing indoors as the racing and shooting game with his gang is also competition. “And this had actually helped us bond as we get to spend so many hours together,” he adds.

All day

Nithin, Prakash's friend says that availability of online games through the day and the facility to play has also enabled its easy access.

We can now design, build and create something of our own for each game we play thereby making it more interesting! “Moreover, during exams, the quick, casual games serve as a break and help us relax and de-stress,” he stresses. Nidhi, of Std VII, who is into fun games is intrigued by its graphics. The graphics sounds and uniqueness of each of these games fascinates me and I want to know more! “It's another world altogether and I want to take up graphic designing and animation as a career when I grow up,” she adds.

Reel to real

“The online games can either be played alone or you could choose who you want to play with,” says Rahil as he gives his gaming gyaan. 12 years.

“The games are designed to be reflections of our real world and as you play you get a chance to be with yourself and develop strategies that can be replicated in the real world.

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