Mangalore: Playing with clay was a creative and a refreshing experience.

It was an opportunity for children to give their imagination a free reign when JustBooks, a library chain in the city organised a clay-modeling workshop for children in the age group of three and 15.

While the tiny-tots played with colour clay, the older ones came out with various innovative models with natural clay.

Fun time

It was interesting how every child slid into an active mode. Syon, nursery student, shaped the clay to a human face and gleefully smudged it. But soon he went on to mould the clay to form a bunch of grapes. He insisted that he wanted the stem to be purple rather than green.

Meanwhile the older ones brought out their creative talent, though it was their first brush with clay.

Models like vegetable basket by Shraddha, of Std IV of Canara Primary School, Urwa and a rose by Prithvi of Std III of Lourdes Central School were appreciated.

Prithvi said that she loved the workshop as playing with clay is one of her favourite activities.

“It helps me relax after long hours of study and also helps me give shape to my imagination” she said.

Jay, Std VII of Cambridge School said that he loved reading and liked the clay-modelling activity as it was organised in the library. It is good to have some other creative activities along with reading, he added.

Cool competitions

During the programme, prizes were distributed for the winners of colouring competition held earlier for nursery students, quiz competition conducted for children studying in Std V to VII and story completion competition for children studying in Std VIII to X.

Shubhang, of Std VI of Sharada Vidyalaya, who won the quiz contest said that being a voracious reader did give him an edge over the other competitors.

Amar Kamath, JustBooks. said that the competitions were held to give an impetus to children's creative talent and give wing to imagination.