The kids presented 18 traditional dances in the 48-hour folk programme in their bid to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

The excitement and pride in completing the marathon 48-hour folk dance was evident in their eyes.

Of course, they seemed thoroughly stressed out and tired after performing continuously on stage at the end of the record-breaking event to bid for an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In all, 320 students of Vignan Vidyalayam High School, Timmapuram, began their dance to glory one Saturday recently.

Took turns

The girls and boys in traditional attire presented 18 different folk arts forms like “Chakka Bhajana”, “Garaga”, “Dhimsa”, “Jhamakula katha”, “Burra katha”, “Karrala dance” “Tappetagullu”, “Jangamdevara”, “Veera Natyam”, “Savara”, “Pittala Dora”, “Karagam” and “Lambadi” dances by turns during the two days.

They thoroughly enjoyed the short break before the valedictory function. It was their turn to have some fun as ventriloquist Botta Nageswara Rao impressed them with his Donald Duck act.

The participants were once again on their toes and eagerly provided glimpses of the folk art forms that they had already performed as part of their feat to claim an entry into the Guinness Book.

Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority Vice-Chairman B. Sreedhar briefed the activities of VUDA in promoting art and culture.

Describing Visakhapatnam as the ‘cultural capital' of Andhra Pradesh, he lauded the efforts of Vignan School in promoting folk arts.

S. Vijay Kumar of Vijay Nirman Company underlined the need for revival of folk arts that were being neglected.

He appreciated the efforts of Vignan in this regard. Chief Executive of Symbiosis Technologies O. Naresh Kumar said that learning folk arts and culture would help students in knowing the world around in a better manner.