The beach at Kozhikode, with its many attractions, is a must-see.

A city with a seafront is a fascinating combination. It brings all the advantages and adventures of a town to a passionate coast of peacefulness. A beach is where a lot of happy activities are on. There is practically no child, who wouldn't leap with joy at the prospect of a visit to the beach with friends or family.


The historic beach in Kozhikode is one of the longest stretches of beach in the State. Besides the usual entertainment on the sands, it offers the visitors a variety of options such as a marine water aquarium, the old lighthouse, a children's park and a pair of centuries-old concrete piers.

Beach Aquarium: With more than 250 varieties of marine water ornamental fishes, the aquarium is one of the major attractions of the beach. More than 30 huge aquariums are set up at the venue showcasing some of the rarest and spectacular species of ornamental fish varieties. Demonstrators tell you a lot about each fish. Also, each fish tank carries detailed description (in three different languages) of the variety, ecosystem, food and life span of the species among other things. The cost of a ticket is Rs. 10 for school children. The aquarium is open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Lion's Park for Children: This is another joy-spot on the beach. Besides long stretches of walkways, meadows and shade trees, the park has a variety of playground-equipment and amusement facilities such as a see-saw, giant ladders and Jurassic images. There are a few refreshment outlets inside the park.

The lighthouse: This historic monument by the beach built during the time of the British, does not however allow visitors inside.

Concrete piers: The tow concrete piers that extend to the sea are another important site on the beach.

They are related to the long history of the city's trade and commerce with different countries. The piers, which once stretched several metres into the sea have now shrunk into an iron skeleton, reminding the viewers of the glorious past the city had.

The beach is crowded in the evenings. It is a favourite place for people to watch the sunset. A sunny afternoon is best suited to make a trip to the beach. After all the fun and frolic on the sands and visits to all these places you can also relish a bowl of ice-cream before you return home with the crimson circle of a huge setting sun touching the waters in the backdrop.