The message to protect the environment was loud and clear in the play put up by the differently- abled children.

The recently concluded annual day programme by the differently-abled children of Swastha, a rehabilitation centre promoted by the Coorg Foundation, a subsidiary of Tata Coffee, is worthy of mention.

For a cause

It is not just because they are well taken care of, but also the manner in which they were trained to perform. Differently-abled childrens, masquerading as various animals, portrayed their characters with great gusto. Non could have imagined that they would put up such a sterling display. They drove home the message that every one should protect the environment and safeguard wildlife and that all creatures on earth had equal opportunities to live on this planet. They showed that man is the most cruel living being especially when it comes to destruction of nature.

The two ‘devils' which have made huge trees in the forests their home would come to the rescue of those who sought their help in times of crisis. A young boy lost in the forest would take their help to thwart attempts by a gang of timber smugglers. Gaurav, a teenager, who looks like a boy of three or four played the role of the young boy with fantastic vivacity.

Hard work pays

The role of ‘Kagakka' (crow) and ‘Kogilakka' (cuckoo) were portrayed by two sprightly girls. Dialogues delivered by the kids were crystal clear. It spoke of the amount of effort put in by the teachers who showed them with utmost care.

All India Radio artiste, Madettira Belliappa, was at hand to direct the play that stole many a heart at the end.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, K.G. Bopaiah, who was the guest, called upon the non-Government organisations and volunteers to work for the cause of differently-abled children by instilling self-confidence in them. Hameed Huq, Managing Director of Tata Coffee, said there was a move to cover nearly 5,000 disabled children in the district in the coming years.