The event to create awareness on avian diversity saw enthusiastic participants delving into the world of birds.

For the students of GKD Matriculation Higher Secondary School, there could not have been a better opportunity to learn about birds than “Birds of Different Feathers and Weathers”. The school said the aim of the programme was to create awareness among students on avian diversity.

Students came up with exhibits of different types of birds, their characteristics, habitat, demonstrations on conservation measures, and their role in maintaining ecological balance.

Students from Stds. VI to XII had the following topics to choose from: 1) bird sanctuaries of India 2) different types of beaks and claws 3) birds used in entertainment and caged birds 4) nesting habits of birds 5) rare birds, 6) bird care 7) birds in our legends and mythology 8) different types of birds — desert, water birds and flightless birds 9) different types of birds — singing birds, polar birds and birds of prey 10) characteristics of birds 11) national bird of India (documentary) 12) migratory birds 13) conservation of birds 14) extinct and endangered birds 15) role of birds in ecosystem 16) economic significance of birds and 17) birds of paradise.

Students came up with a circuit board of the 21 bird sanctuaries in India and their location. They displayed a miniature of circus, parakeets, love birds, and even Donald Duck to highlight the birds in entertainment.

M. Baskar and S. Bragadeeshwaran of Std. VII exhibited nests made by the weaver bird and tailor bird. Some students displayed nests of a few other birds and also exhibited the materials the birds used to construct their nests.

Interesting info

The students came up with interesting information like Coimbatore had 125 species of birds, both migratory and resident. The Commerce students came up with a presentation calculating the economic value of birds. The students also staged a skit on bird care.

P. Balasubramanian, Principal Scientist, Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural Care, inaugurated the project and addressed the gathering.

Kalidas of OSAI, an environmental organisation, spoke to the students about bird conservation.

A team of teachers led by Prasanna Radhakrishnan co-ordinated the activities and helped the students.

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