It was a Saturday evening. My sister and I heard an unusual cry near our play area. Out of curiosity we went there. To our shock we found a lamb surrounded by stray dogs ready to pounce on it. To our dismay we couldn't find any adults around to help us. Though we were scared, we knew we had to save the lamb. We threw stones at the dogs and chased them away.

I picked up the lamb which was bleeding all over and took it home and nursed it. We named her Alamelu. We were surprised to find that our three pet pups –Scooby, Pebble and Puppy welcomed the guest. That night none of us could sleep because the lamb kept bleating. It was so scared to stay out.

The next day, my sister and I went to the village to find out if anyone had lost a lamb. But our mission was in vain. Since then, the three pups and the lamb have been good friends. One of our favourite pastimes is to take Alamelu grazing in the nearby fields. On Krishna Jayanthi, when elders were making arrangements to welcome Krishna, I saw Alamelu jumping up and down at the sight of a boy who was running towards us. Immediately, I knew he was the owner of the lamb. He hugged the lamb and thanked us for taking care of the lamb. We cried when we had to say goodbye to Alamelu.