When I asked a man about our new Chief Minister,

Someone said he was evil and sinster.

Covering himself in lot of shawls,

He irritates people with his calls.

Convincing people to give him support,

Making Gandhi caps for import and export.

He asks us to give him vote,

Collecting funds for a furry coat,

But will he be able to stop the misuse of notes?

Earlier he sat with Anna on strike,

Many people said he should visit a psyche.

But let’s see the brighter aspect,

And give his opinions a little respect.

He aspires to give water for free,

And end the poor life of misery.

Wanting an end of these illegal bribes,

He gives equal respect to all the tribes.

Hats off to his lifestyle of simplicity,

He wants to lower the rates of electricity.

So let’s not just criticise his flaws,

But join Kejriwal in this social cause...

Ishita Rana, Bal Bharati Public School Pitampura, Delhi