An effort to help the young appreciate classical music is what Music 2 Schools is all about.

You know that Shakira’s ‘hips don’t lie’ and that Hannah Montana has got the ‘best of both worlds’. You can also swivel in Cha Cha and stomp the yard, hip hop style. But Indian classical music and dance definitely do not seem to attract the same amount of interest from the youth. Blaming it on a lack of awareness about the art form and Indian culture, Aanmajothi, an organisation founded by K.S. Natarajan last November, has initiated its pet project called ‘Music 2 Schools’.

Culture to classrooms

The project aims to take music and dance to schools and help children understand their cultural heritage and values better with help from eminent artists and experts in the field. “The project is an attempt to sensitise the youth about our culture because they do not understand its value. Everything is westernised now right from food to the clothes the children wear. So we thought it a good idea to catch them young and teach them to appreciate their culture” explains Mrs. Meenakshi Rajmohan, Associate Convener, Music 2 Schools.

And the first school to make use of this opportunity was Bala Vidya Mandir, at the premises of which Kuchipudi exponent Ms. Jayapriya Vikraman introduced the students to the art form and explained its nuances. “The programme was a combination of demonstration of abhinayas and talas, as well as, a performance. So the children loved it. In fact, they are looking forward to more. It is a good exposure to students; useful to both who learn the art and those who haven’t been introduced to it at all,” feels Ms. Jayshree of Bala Vidya Mandir.

So if you are game for some good learning combined with fun, get your school to approach Music 2 Schools by contacting Mrs. Meenakshi Rajmohan @ 94443 84594.